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Russian coalition bombardment group
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The Heavy Bomber has two fore cannons armed with armour piercing ammunition and no less than three bomb bays loaded with heavy sonic based munitions! The Kirchev marks a change in Russian aeronautical design where the lesson of the naval and armoured theatre “He who lasts longest, wins” dominates.

The Chany is armed with a single fore cannon loaded with armour piercing ammunition, these squadrons have been known to elicit a surrender from their prey simply by surfacing behind them! Merchant captains know that should the Chany Squadron open fire, the crews on-board their targets are almost certainly dead, lost to the elements and the cruel sea. Given their almost piratical reputation, the Chany Submarine squadrons tend to attract the more ‘adventurous’ types of submariner and marine. The boarding assaults mounted by the Chany squadrons tend to be definitive in nature as the assaulters hope to gain a share in bounty on-board their target.

2 Kirchev Class Heavy Bombers
3 Chany Class Submarine Bases
3 Chany Class submerged Submarine Bases
6 SAW Tokens
6 Micro Dice
2 SAS Movement Trays

Russian coalition bombardment group
Russian coalition bombardment group

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