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Kategorie: Khymaera Shadowflame Shard

Wyvern Super Heavy Warbeast
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Opis: Super-Heavy Warbeast

Upon reaching the surface world, beyond the constraints of the narrow subterranean halls, Rhyas was at liberty to craft her magnum opus of perfectly amalgamated flesh and technology. Free from the hive’s confines, the flawless magnificence in every spine, talon, fang, and wing celebrates the unfettered capabilities of her craft. As it approaches, its dark draconic form eclipses the moonlight and portends the coming of an army of shadows. Its massive sinewy shape brings only fire and death where it passes. Rumors of the Wyvern are rare, because all upon whom it lays eyes face no hope of escape. Directed by their hidden masters, these fearsome harbingers roam the Wyrmwalls at night, dark reapers gliding over the treetops to discourage any encroachment upon their claimed realm.

Possesses SPD 7 and Flight
Has five initial attacks including Talon x2, Bite, Tail Strike, and Flame Breath
The flap of its wings generates Warping Winds that hinder enemy ranged attacks
As a super-heavy warbeast, it destroys any defenses its movement brings it into contact with

Wyvern Super Heavy Warbeast

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