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Kategorie: Dwarfs

Dwarf ironclad command
wersja: angielska
10 modeli
38.00 zł
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Opis: Such is the natural greed that a Dwarf possesses that the Champions amongst them claim the strongest warriors for their own entourage, wanting only the best warriors around them. When at war, these champions take to the head of a regiment, the dwarf to his right blowing resounding notes from his horn, the dwarf on his left raising the regiment's banner proudly, ready to lead their troops into battle.

The Dwarf Ironclad Command contains 10 plastic Dwarf Ironclad Warriors armed with warhammers and shields, and includes a complete command group and 1 Mantic Point.

This set includes:
1 x Dwarf Ironclad Command Frame (10 Figures)
1 x Mantic Guide
1 x Mantic Point
10 x 20mm bases
1 Mantic Carry Case with Protective Foam

Dwarf ironclad command

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