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At-77 lifthawk medium dropship
wersja: angielska
1 model (żywica)
53.00 zł

Opis: The AT-77 Lifthawk was the most ubiquitous aerial transport vehicle of the pre-war years and many are still flying with Resistance forces today. Its muscular and robust VTOL design has made it possible to operate this workhorse from almost any secluded outpost. It is exceptionally well made, features many redundant systems and had a production cost that would be inexcusable to present day UCM military planners.
Crucially for the Resistance, the AT-77 has a toughness that is almost unrivalled, providing excellent mission survival rates. Tales of Lifthawks limping back to base with two or three engines shot away and plasma strike melts running through the fuselage and out the other side are surprisingly common. Its standard armament is a Firestreak missile system and a pair of nose mounted heavy machineguns. Many Resistance forces have exploited the AT-77’s copious lift capacity and jerry-rigged an additional servo controlled flak cannon to the fuselage, giving it the ability to defend itself against roving enemy fighters
The street/in-store release date for this product is September 13th.
1 x AT-77 Lifthawk Medium Dropship per blister
Wingspan: 89mm
10mm Scale
Five Resin components and one acrylic flight stand

At-77 lifthawk medium dropship

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